Seafood, 2019

Painted and nickel plated steel, wood, formica, ceramic, resin, acrylic, recycled HDPE and LDPE plastic bags 
Liste Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

Part of a series of works centered on consumption and waste, Seafood, 2019 is a caged screen that depicts found YouTube videos of marine life in the midst of being caught, processed, packaged and gutted alive for human consumption. For the artist, the fish signifies the ego/identity, found helpless in a larger system that prepares it for consumption. Themes of desire, discovery, entrapment, ownership, consumption, and guilt feed into the paradox and double standard of the female experience and cycle of capitalist desire that are explored within these sculptures. Stovetop, 2019, is an enlarged stovetop grill that has been nickel-plated to elevate the functional everyday object into fetish object.