Disappearance Performance as Elegy; Pseudoproblems in Art, 2013

HD projections on installation, dimensions vary

In Practice: Double Life, Sculpture Center, LIC, NY
Materials: Steel, plexiglass, fabric, women's underwear, window, venetian blinds, video projections, glass plate hologram.

"Disappearance Performance as Elegy: Pseudo Problems in Art" is an installation that muses on the facets of themes inherent in performance, minimalism, feminism, invisibility, violence, labor and value that surround the role of the female within art. A group of women clad in green screen outfits with their faces painted with anti-face recognition makeup and layers of undergarments build a sculpture in the back of the space in a projected performance that has already happened. The women's bodies get chroma keyed out, while their faces are obscured from face recognition technologies in order to fluctuate between being visible and invisible. The viewer teeters on the edge of believing the performance is unfolding before their eyes as well as understanding that this event has already happened in the past. The projection turns on and off, in an effort to remind the viewer that they are in the physical space of the room, experiencing both the virtual and physical presence of objects and performers. "Object", a glass plate hologram of a steel construction is presented, only illuminated and visible when the projection falls on it just right, and "Power Figure", a steel construction of I-beam, channel and elastic clamped together in the form of an abstract bust, wearing shoulder pads references the performance of masculinity in female fashion. "Streamer", a video comprised of found YouTubes and shot footage, streams through a domestic window and venetian blinds onto a large sanded piece of plexi in a frame. The picture plane is exploded in an accordian-like manner, where the viewer can walk in and around the projections.