Chassis, 2022

Solo Show, Phillida Reid, London, UK

Chassis is a term used to describe the body or base frame of a machine or car, the underlying structural strength of a machine. It is also commonly used as a term for the body of a woman, often in an objectifying manner.
Consisting of new and existing sculptural works incorporating found footage, kinetic machinery, steel cages and obsolete cables, Chassis stirs up a vortex of overlapping concerns: the dissection and manipulation of human and animal bodies; the distance between resistance and complicity; the consumption of images under capitalism; escape routes; and rainbow lobsters.
Chassis, 2022 the eponymous kinetic sculpture in this show was also featured in 52 Artists: A Feminist Milestone at The Aldrich Contemporary Museum of Art, Ridgefield, CT June 6 - January 8, 2023