Seafood, 2019

HD Video, 13:56 min, samsung flat screen TV, media player, painted steel 
40" x 6" x 24"

 A caged screen depicts found video of marine life in the midst of being caught, processed, packaged and gutted alive for human consumption. For the artist, the fish signifies the ego/identity, found helpless in a larger system that prepares it for consumption. Themes of desire, discovery, entrapment, ownership, consumption, and guilt feed into the paradox and double standard of the female experience and cycle of capitalist desire.

Expanding Brain, 2018

Solo Show, Southard Reid, London, UK

Exploring self and artistic identity, Cetera presents a confessional style artist interview taking equal inspiration from a recent BBC interview of a female assassin hired by President Duterte of the Philippines, and the 1981 film My Dinner with Andre, by Louis Malle. The subject, an autobiographical, yet fictional version of Cetera, physical and vocal characteristics obscured as if protecting her identity from the viewer, appears in a subtitled, single shot Q&A.  The artist responds and reflects on her position towards and within an environment where artists, specifically of colour, are expected to perform their identity, race and gender, finding themselves in trap-like predicaments regarding content. The conversation ebbs and flows between a stream of consciousness monologue and a boilerplate questionnaire to which artists are expected to conform.

Chair Totem Pole, 2017

Painted steel, hardware, concrete
6’ x 6’ x 15’

The Lighthouse Works Public Art Commission

Inspired by Augusto Boal’s acting exercise The Chair of Power, which addresses the invention and reconfiguration of space and the spatial structures of power, Chair Totem Pole is a monument to the ordinary and everyday object/props that make up the mise-en-scene that is our daily life. The inspiration of Boal’s acting exercise is a monument to the ability that we have the power and agency to create and recreate our realities as we see fit. We do have the agency to change the status quo. Reality is constantly in flux and the potential of “rearranging” these chairs could easily shift the seat of power.

Threshold,  2017

Painted steel, acrylic, resin, plastic, glass, stone, concrete
2-channel HD video installation 
Frieze New York, Randalls Island, NY

Within a multimedia installation, six characters projected on the walls of  a sculptural installation debate what art should be in a critique-like discussion, addressing the artist’s work before them.

Design Within Reach, 2016-2017

Painted steel, aqua-resin, hardware, concrete

Socrates Sculpture Park / Emerging Artist Fellowship

Reinterpreting signature designer chairs by Marcel Breuer, Mies van Der Rohe and Le Corbusier, the artist has translated the designs of the classic modern Breuer Chair, Barcelona Chair and Petite Modele Chair into rugged painted steel public benches made accessible for public enjoyment.