Sun Clock
High Desert Test Sites, Andy's Gamma Gulch Parcel, Joshua Tree, CA
sun, cement, stone, participant

An analemmatic sundial, or human sundial, is a sundial by which the shadow of a participating individual standing at a certain position within the sundial (acting as the "gnomon"), casts an accurate reading of the time of day.

This human sundial encourages the viewer to regain a visceral experience with time. By eschewing contemporary technology in my practice and relying solely on audience participation and planetary placement for this piece, I hope to magnify a sense of real physical time and place that is often absent in our everyday lives - reminding us of our bodies and the earth, and heightening the awareness of this detachment that technology can create.

Below is a rendering of the proposal for HDTS, followed by images of the final piece installed. On permanent view at Andy's Gamma Gulch, Joshua Tree, CA.

Instructions if you visit:
- please visit HDTS headquarters first for a field guide to Gamma Gulch Parcel
- via Google Maps latitude/longitude coordinates:
34.214803°, -116.528313°
- stand with your feet below corresponding month's line, marked in Roman Numerals as the 1st of the month (there are two marks for December and June 1st and 21st- the spring and winter solstice, so if you visit during those months, stand closer to corresponding date line)