Where 1
October 2013
A group show organized by Lucy Hunter and Raphael Lyon, featuring the works of Lea Cetera (Onyx), Jesse Greenberg (Growth Brick (Black)) and Alexandra Lerman (Release).

Onyx, 2013 (pedestal)
Plywood, Formica, Styrofoam, Ocean Pebble, Plexi, Steel

"Greenberg’s rich and colorful practice explores non-representation through expertly cast resin and plastic forms. His work Growth Brick (Black) hangs in precarious balance with unfired clay tablets from Lerman’s Release series. Lerman’s works are deeply rooted in a conceptual discourse on legibility, gesture, authorship and the proprietary touch-screen swipe movements the iPhone. These disparate pieces are forced into equivalence by a balance beam, the central element of “Onyx” from Lea Cetera’s Relationships series. Here the casual, delicate architecture of formica, ocean stones, styrofoam, acrylic and steel point fun at the legacy of minimal sculpture and even the notion of stable forms. “Onyx” performs the action of a cosmological equals sign, providing the tissue which holds this sculptural organism, and in fact the entire exhibition, together." excerpt from Where 1 Press Release