Cat Cube
April 2011
OSB, steel rod, plywood, video projectors, DVD players, found footage of cats licking lollipops
1st Year MFA Show, Wallach Gallery, Columbia University

A white cube is presented on a pedestal by a steel rod at one of its vertices. A different video is projected onto each of the cube’s six faces; each video being found viral YouTube videos of women feeding their cats lollipops. The accumulation of the six videos on the cube results in a cacophony of licking sounds, accompanied by the voices of each woman equally squealing with delight as well as scoffing at it's grossness. Simultaneously, there is an overarching sense of control that these women hold over their subjects, making sure they get the right angle, while they "perform" their cats for the camera, so to speak. Cat Cube transforms this phenomenon into a visual illusion, a seemingly floating video cube of contemporary online culture overstimulation; a visual and auditory bombardment compressed into the sculptural object.

installation view detail