Find Local Gourds Now
July 2015
The Drawing Center, New York, NY
Name It by Trying to Name It: Open Sessions Group Exhibition
HD Video projection on installation, video approx. 30 min on loop
Dimensions vary
Materials: painted steel, glazed porcelain, concrete, bronze, A4 letter sized paper, tape

Performers: Alexander Carver, Lea Cetera, Calder K. Singer

In most recent installation Find Local Gourds Now, 2015, the main dialogue between two protagonists is directly sourced from “click bait”, ubiquitous phrases on the Internet designed to aggressively attract your attention. The dialogue has been cut up and re-organized, resulting in an absurdist, nonsense conversation, as the characters “discuss” the artworks in the installation before them. Lines range from “Find local gourds now at discount prices”, “22 Rorschach inkblots and where they are now”, “Eight serial killers that are making you dumber” to “Bucket lists that have grossed over one billion dollars”. The dialogue is absurd, yet the actors are performing them in the most normal conversational manner possible. A frosted glass wall on site allows for play with back projection and the re-occurring inside/outside themes in my work. A painted steel table with slip cast porcelain coffee cups and a bronze croissant spans and connects the foyer and the main gallery of The Drawing Center.